Zuroff: Srebrenica was not genocide

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Israeli historian and head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center office in Jerusalem Efraim Zuroff told N1 on Monday that he does not believe the massacre in Srebrenica can be qualified as genocide.

Zuroff commented the announced Srebrenica resolution for the Newsnight show saying that the term genocide, whose original definition denotes an attempt to destroy an entire nation, is being abused for political purposes. According to him, what happened in Srebrenica was a war crime and not genocide.

He added that genocide is one of the worst possible tragedies which is why some people claim that their enemies committed genocide. “However, that is often not the case,” he said.

Zuroff said that the UN General Assembly is not a body that can define genocide because the people sitting in it represent their nation’s politics and sometimes that and not the truth is what motivates them to vote.

Asked about Pristina’s preparations to sue Serbia for genocide, he said that he does not know that genocide was committed in Kosovo. He said the authorities in Pristina want to show that the situation was as bad as possible, worse than the Holocause or genocide. They cry genocide and hope to get the support of enough countries for political reasons, not the truth, he said.

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